Camping & Trekking at Tikona

Camping was something me and my friends had been planning since long… and finally we executed the plan. We (Me, Sachin, Akash and Rohit) came across Rusticville, which sets up camps for you; and since we also wanted to do a trek, their location was just perfect. The Tikona fort was around 15 minutes from their property which helped us in finalizing our plan. The place is not too far from Pune, just around 55 KMs. We started at around 3 PM and decided to take the route via Old Mumbai Pune highway.

Tikona is situated pretty close to the Pawna dam and backwaters, and offers some beautiful landscape views. As we neared Pawna dam, we came across some beautiful streams, grasslands and quite a no of birds, especially the beautiful Indian Rollers. We took halts at different points from Pawna dam wherever we could see good landscapes. The Rusticville camping ground is just around 20 minutes from Pawna dam. We arrived the place by 5 PM and were welcomed by Keshav and Kashinath from Rusticville. We also met Vaibhav who runs Rusticville at the parking lot itself. True to its name, the place is indeed pretty rustic and into nature. We soon settled down and started enjoying the views from our tents itself. We were lucky to get tents right next to valley which offered some spectacular views.

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Winters ensured it was dark pretty early… and chilly as well. After just lazing around the camps for an hour or so, it was time for barbeque..! Yes, they offer barbeque as well with marinated vegetables and chicken. We had also carried raw chicken on our own. This was the 1st time we barbequed and it was surely one awesome experience. Barbequing under open sky in chilly weather is not to be missed. After relishing on the barbequed veggies and chicken, a private bonfire was set up. We were awake all up-to around 1 AM doing star gazing. Another 1st time experience for us.

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We had planned to get up at 5:30 AM for the trek, but the winters ensured we enjoyed our sleep a bit more. We finally managed to reach the foothills of Tikona by 7:00 AM. The grade level is easy, however at the end there are huge steep steps where one needs to be a bit careful. Once you reach the top of the fort, the views you get are spectacular. You can see the Tung fort and the Pawna backwaters. There is very less fortification around the fort, which you see as you reach the top. One also comes across a Hanuman mandir and Taljai mandir on way to the top.

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After enjoying atop the fort, we started the descend. We were back to Rusticville by 9 AM, right at the time of breakfast. Note that these camping trips generally start in evening and get over by morning, so we did our check-out by 10:30 AM. We decided to explore a bit more of the Pawna backwaters. Driving along, we saw a rough road going down up-to the backwaters. Once we were at the backwaters, we were stunned to see such a serene place. It offered a clear view of the Tung fort along with its reflection in the water. We spent a good hour at this place, but as the heat started to increase we decided to start our return journey.

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This was the first time we camped, and we completely loved it! Have to say that Vaibhav & team is doing a great job. Rusticville offers a perfect location for camping, especially if you want combine it with a short trek. There is another short trek down the valley which takes you to a lake. If someone wants to give a try for camping, I would definitely recommend Rusticville.

From trekking perspective, Tikona is good trek. Easy for the most part but very much enjoyable. Early morning winters should be perfect to trek at Tikona.

How to reach
1. Take the Old Mumbai-Pune highway, after crossing the 1st toll, take a left to join the Parandwadi road. From here you can drive all up-to the village from where you can see the Pawna dam. Take a left here and you will start seeing the Pawna dam and backwaters on your right. Driving ahead, you will get a small Ghat section. Keep driving till you see Tikonapeth GramPanchayat road on left side and take that road. After driving for another KM or so, you need to take a left on-to an untarred road which leads to Rusticville. There is a small sign board so watch- out for the same. (Google maps are very accurate to reach Rusticville).

2. Another option is to drive via Hinjewadi village -> Kolvan -> Hadsi via the Nanegaon road. This route is shorted, around 45 KMs but not sure of the road conditions. Even this road is available on Google maps.

1. Food is decent and basic. For barbeque, carry raw chicken, maize as you will enjoy it more. There is a village on way where you can pick up cold drinks, chips and so on if required.
2. There are western washrooms at Rusticville and pretty well maintained as well.
3. Keep the place clean.

Thanks for reading. Let us know in-case of any queries, suggestions, critics and we will be happy to respond.

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– Rudraksha & Shraddha

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