Weekend tour to Kaas & Thoseghar

The Kaas Plateau; also known as “Kaas Pathar” is a biodiversity hotspot  (also a UNSECO World Heritage site) known for variety of flowers that bloom in months of August and September every year. We at Wild India Eco Tours visited the plateau on 2nd weekend on September 2016, along with a half day session to visit Chalkewadi & Thoseghar Waterfall. 

We were a total of 17 members; and under expert guidance of Medha Karkhanis ma’am, we gained lot of knowledge about the flora & fauna around Kaas as we came across a variety of flowering plants & orchids; lizards ,spiders & insects; birds and some mesmerising landscapes views.

Starting early morning from Mumbai, we arrived at our resort in Satara by noon and post lunch we began our excursion. Starting with a visit to Chalkewadi, we made numerous stops on way exploring variety of flora & fauna along the road.

After exploring Chalkewadi, we made our way to Thoseghar – a scenic waterfall near Satara. Finally day one ended with some lovely sunset views; as we had our dinner back at Satara city and went to bed early.

Next day started early (6:30 AM) as we began our journey to Kaas plateau. We got delayed a bit due to a marathon on the same day and finally managed to arrive at Kaas by around 8:00 AM. The next 3 to 4 hours were spent exploring the flora & fauna in and around the Kaas plateau.

Here are some of the images we made during the tour:

As with every year, the roads were crazily jammed due to which we had to miss out on visiting the Kaas lake area this time, however the trip was fantastic as we all got a lot of insight and knowledge about wild flowers – thanks to Medha Karkhanis ma’am 🙂 . And for the times when we were travelling, there was not a single moment when we got bored as the youngest member of our trip – Urvi was a live-wire filled with energy, not allowing the fun to stop at any moment 😀 . All in all, a fantastic trip filled with loads of knowledge sharing & fun! Looking forward to host you all again. Signing off with the group click & a typical flower bloom click at Kaas plateau.

Group - Kaas 2016

flower bloom at kaas plateau


– For directions, follow Google Maps; the directions are accurate.
– Book your tickets online at www.kas.ind.in
– Follow the instructions of the authorities while parking the car.
– If you are doing a weekend trip, do visit Chalkewadi & Thoseghar as well.
– If you finish exploring Kaas early, do drive down another KM to explore the Kaas lake.
– Vithal Kamat is decent hotel for breakfast (Around 2 KMs before Satara).
– Please do not stamp on flowers or get into the shrubs.
– Do not litter and keep the place clean.

Thanks for reading. Let us know in-case of any corrections, queries, suggestions and we will be happy to respond.

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– Rudraksha & Shraddha

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