Birding trip | Veer Dam | 24 MAR 2018

This saturday (24th March 2018), we were off to Veer Dam. Activity seemed relatively low as compared to our previous trip a month back. Key sightings included the Indian Thick-knee and a Common Hawk-Cuckoo – the 1st individual we sighted this season with a total of 50+ bird species.

Location: Veer Dam, Pune
Date: 24 March 2018
Time: 0715 hrs to 1000 hrs
eBird checklist:

I started off from Pune by 0500 hrs so as to reach Veer Dam during the sunrise with my friend Sandip Telang. After a quick yet delicious breakfast at Shriram Vadapav, we started looking out for birds. The climate was very pleasant (read 21 degree celsius) as we started and were greeted by the usual – flock of Red Munias, Indian Silverbills, Plum-headed & Rose-ringed Parakeets, Common Mynas, Brahminy Starlings & Large-gray Babblers. If someone wants to click parakeets while feeding, this is the best time as you can watch them feeding in Sunflowers and Bajra fields from close quarters. One can get pretty close as they get completely engrossed in feeding and are least bothered of who is around.


We also came across a sub-adult Common Hawk-cuckoo, the 1st one we have seen in this season. Looks like they are here a bit early this year. Also, it was thanks to this cuckoo we came across a Spotted Owlet. The cuckoo seemed to land inside a tree which seemed to be “owned” by the Owlet and was quick to drive the cuckoo away. We also came across a huge flock (15+) of Grey-necked Buntings at Veer Dam as well, similar to what we saw during our birding trip to Mayureshwar WLS last saturday.


And finally to one of the highlights – the Indian Thick-Knee. We had seen them during our trip Veer Dam last month as well. Would have loved to get an eye level shot but restricted ourselves to car as there was no cover and getting down would have surely spooked the birds. We did see the Eurasian Wryneck again, couldn’t manage a shot this time though.

We also saw 3 different pairs Grey Francolins out of which one pair was with 5 immatures and another one was with three recently fledged young chicks.

Lastly, few flight shots I managed to click (I personally love to take flight shots).


That was it for this quick trip, as we started back by 1000 hrs due to hot sun. Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed the blog, do share recommendations if any in comments. For more information on Birding at Veer Dam, visit the link below:

Bird-watching at Veer Dam – Pune

Signing off until next time, ciao 🙂

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– Rudraksha & Shraddha

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