Bird field guide on Sale right now!

One of the best reference guides for identifying birds of Indian Subcontinent is on sale right now on Amazon for Rs. 628! (as on 13th Dec 2017), so grab it now if you don’t own one!


Birds of Indian Subcontinent reference book is undoubtedly one of the best field guide available right now for Indian Subcontinent, if not the best. The book lists bird species from Indian Subcontinent with their description, basic plumage information, habitat as well as its conservation status & alternate names wherever applicable. It caries colour pictures of all the species listed along with colour coded distribution maps. The basic terminology on plumages, quick notes on variety of habitats found in Indian Subcontinents and family summaries of the birds provide a lot of information especially for someone getting into birding.

Note that its not perfect and doesn’t list the recent splits and new species, which would probably be address in the next edition. Having said, its still a must have for any birder or even bird photographer – beginner or expert.

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– Rudraksha & Shraddha

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