Birding in Munnar

While planning our Munnar trip, we were aware that Munnar is a birding hotspot but were not sure how much birding we would manage along with sightseeing. How it eventually turned out, was a completely different story and a very pleasant surprise.

For ease of reading, we have split the blog in two parts – this one narrates our birding experience at Munnar while the blog post – the quaint & beautiful Munnar..! talks about the experiences we had while exploring this lovely hill station.

To start with, the moment we entered the Mistletoe Homestay I could hear continuous calls and all I did was spend next 30 minutes in the balcony looking at Vernal Hanging Parrots, Southern Hill Mynas, a pair of Asian Fairy Bluebirds, Malabar Parakeets and a Loten’s Sunbird. I couldn’t wait for how the bird activity will be in morning and I was surely not disappointed for the next 3 days! Along with birds mentioned above, I also sighted White-bellied Treepie, Greater Racket-tailed Drongo, Gold-fronted Leafbird and the super shy Rufous Babbler! Mistletoe Homestay is such amazing place, and I can only wonder how amazing bird activity will be during the fruiting season! Here are some of images we made from the balcony of our room at Mistletoe Homestay.


Apart from the birding around homestay, I was always on lookout for birds at the various viewpoints we visited and we did see some birds at Top Station & Pothamedu viewpoints – Tawny-bellied Babbler, Black eagle, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Nilgiri Flowerpecker, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater, Crested Serpant Eagle, Oriental White-eye to name a few.


And lastly the Eravikulam National Park. The reason for us to visit this park was clearly to see the Nilgiri Tahr and the lovely view it offers. With so many people walking on the trail, I wondered if there would be any photographic opportunity but I am happy that I was wrong. While clicking the famous Nilgiri Tahr, a bird flew next to it… and that was my lifer #1 – a Nilgiri Pipit. This is when I also met Rajiv (Kuttenan Munnar) on the trail with two birders. We were also joined by another birder who was on the trail and soon we guys were birding together. It wasn’t long before Rajiv heard calls of Black & Orange Flycatcher. Thanks to Rajiv we got to see this beauty. Lifer #2. Soon to be followed by Lifer #3 – White-bellied Blue Robin & Lifer #4 – Palani Laughingthrush. We also saw Indian Swiftlets, Sqaure-tailed Bulbuls, Common Kestrels and a pair of Short-toed Snake Eagle.


So that was our amazing birding experience at Munnar! A very special thanks to Rajiv else would have surely missed couple of key lifers. I had heard that he is the best birding guide in Munnar and for sure he is and also a very down to earth person. Anyone interested, do get in touch with him on facebook here ->

Coming to Mistletoe Homestay, you are almost certain to get some fantastic birding activity at a pretty close distance right from the balcony! For all birders / Nature lovers visiting Munnar, we would highly recommend Mistletoe Homestay.

Signing off with the endemic Nilgiri Tahr with the backdrop of the Animudi hills 🙂

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the quaint & beautiful Munnar..!

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– Rudraksha & Shraddha


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